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Here you will find links to all sorts of interesting stuff about art including pages on :

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Have you got an article or an idea, or any hints and tips you would like to share with others? Why not send me your suggestions?


Hints and Tips Blog

Find hints and tips about acrylic painting, watercolour painting,drawing, pen and ink, pastels and so much more. There are even articles to get you thinking more creatively and how to get ideas

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Art Video Tutorials

Want to learn how to draw a face or paint an Impressionist style painting? Why not check out my art video tutorials. You be achieving great things in no time at all.

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Art History Blog

Lots of fascinating bits and pieces about art history and the wierd and wonderful things artists get up to. Plus short biographies of famous artists

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Art Society Workshops

Do you need someone to demonstrate painting and drawing skills at your Art Society? See what Paul has to offer and get in touch

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School Art Workshops

Imagine Picasso or Van Gogh or many other great artists bring their lives to life in your school. Followed by inspiring practical art workshops – learning new drawing and painting skills has never been such fun.

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